Region history

The Ural region was found in 1867-1868 as a territorial entity under administrative government of Tsarist Russia control over Kazakhstan.

In 1219-1221 the steppes were conquered by Mongol invaders led by Genghis Khan. And our region has become an integral part of the Golden Horde. In XV century the Golden Horde broke into several administrative territories.Kazakh people living in the Ural area became a part of the Nogai Horde. Kazakh people occupying the Western Kazakhstan territory represented Younger zhuz, in the process of zhuz formation.

Since the year dot the Western Kazakhstan is located at the crossroads of the Silk Road. 
The current name is referred to the city from 1775, when the tsarist government suppressed revolt led by E. Pugachev with savagery, and in order to expunge from memory of people the scenes of peasant revolt, by Catherine the Second order the river Yaik was renamed under Ural, and the Yaikskyi town was named under Uralsk.

In 1833, the great Russian poet A.S. Pushkin came to Ural region tending to retrieval information about Pugachev revolt.

1836-1837 years, went down in history as the recovery time of Kazakh peasants of Bokeevsky Khanate led by Isatai Taimanov and Mahambet Utemisov. Khan Zhangir asked for help the tsarist government. The Cossack punitive detachments brutally punished the rebels. Isatai Taimanov died during one of the uphill battles, and many military trick riders fall into the hands of the military and were icommitted to Kalmykovsky prison. The mastermind of the rebellion and the fiery poet Mahambet Utemisov went into exile. During these years he visited Uralsk three times.

The 1880 year was marked by the beginning of the people’s movement between the Ural and Orenburg towns. In 1894, there was laid a narrow-gauge railroad between the Urals and Saratov, which facilitated stepping up of trade turnover and formation of major fairs such as Uilskaya, Temirskaya, Urdinskaya. 
Uralsk town became the large shopping center by the beginning of the XX century.

The future classic of the Tatar literature Gabdulla Tukay moved to Uralsk in 1895, when he was just 9 years old. He wrote his first verses here, worked at the printing house, which afterwards was named under his name. During years the outstanding figures of the Russian literature as V. A. Zhukovsky, A.S. Pushkin, V. I. Dahl, L. N. Tolstoy, and others visited Uralsk. Among Kazakh aristocracy, the democrat liberals A. Bokeykhanov and B. Karatayev entered the political arena. In December, 1905 they brought together delegates of 5 Western Kazakhstan regions and intended to compose their own party as a branch of the Russian constitutional democratic party.

Nomination of its best representatives to the State Duma was the sharp evidence of increasing spiritual and political levels of the Kazakh intelligentsia. In 1906 our fellow countryman 42-years-old Alpysbay Kalmenov – the graduate of the Orenburg gymnasium, the native of Bokeevsky Horde – was one of the four Kazakhs elected to the State Duma. He was competently dealt with national education, land development and animal husbandry issues. In 1907 one of the first Kazakh professional lawyers, native of Katatobe B. Karatayev was elected as a deputy to the 2nd State Duma,
The West Kazakhstan region was formed on 10 of March, 1932 (from 1962 to 1992 it was the Ural region). It is located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is the gateway to the central and southern regions of the republic and the states of Central Asia. 
Our region is famous with its masters of culture and art of the highest rank. We are justifiably proud of our folk composers Kurmangazy Sagyrbaev, Dina Nurpeisova, Seytek, Dauletkerei who left immortal creations of music, unrivaled romantic poet Mahambet who was the past master in music works, famous theater actress Hadisha Bukeeva, wonderful singer Garifolla Kurmangaliyeva. Also, it is useful to know that the coast Ak Zhaik is the home country of many famous people among Kazakh nation: for example, Jibek Beauty who is the "KyzZhibek" national epic heroine, scientists Taimanov, K. Zhumaliev, poets J. Moldagaliev, KadyrMyrza Ali, A.Bahtygereeva and others.

In 1992, in response to local people wishes the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan restored the former name of the region – the West Kazakhstan region. 
The region borders on five regions of the Russian Federation and the length of external borders is 1532 km; inside the country it borders on Aktobe and Atyrau regions.
The area of the region is 151.3 thousand. km2 and makes 5.6 percent of the total area of the republic. 
The administrative of the region is divided into 12 rural districts, and plus the town Uralsk.

There are 2 towns: first is Uralsk town, was found in 1613 and is the regional centre; and another one Aksai was found in 1936, which is the centre of Burlinsk district and among people is called as the oilmen and gasmen town; there are 159 small rural districts and 482 settlements.


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