“Technopark “Algoritm” LLP Board of Trustees 5th session

As part of the Regional innovation system development and by the order of WKR Akim № 246-Ө dated by September 26, 2013 “Technopark ‘Algoritm” LLP is defined as the regional innovations development institution of WKR (office of innovations), which fulfils the role and functions of ROI and provides the necessary support for innovators and innovative firms to receive grants from JSC “National Agency for Technological Development” and other sources, contacts with other regional enterprises for technological issues solution

In WKR, there is a regional innovation system (RIS) to support innovation activities. (RIS) – is a summation of elements of industrial – innovational infrastructure and regional scientific activities’ subjects, participating in the process of innovations’ generation and spreading. In particular, there is a Department of  entrepreneurship and industrial-innovative development of WKO, “Technopark ‘Algoritm” LLP, Science-technical council for innovations development, project and construction units in companies, research organizations and universities, also “Technopark ‘Algoritm” LLP Board of Trustees was created. 

The Board of Trustees of the Technopark Algorithm was created on the direct instructions by the former Vice-Minister, Minister of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan A.O. Issekeshev, which he declared when visiting WKR on 28-29th  June, 2013, in light of RIS development and with the goal to provide assistance and provision of Technopark activities and regional innovations development

The Council consists of 13 members - representatives of business, the business sector, universities, chairman of the board is the WKR deputy akim - I.V. Steksov.

One of the important functions of the Board of Trustees is the additional attraction of extra-budgetary resources to finance innovative projects in the region

According to the Regulations on the Board of Trustees of the Technopark, “the questions of financing innovative projects with the aid of membership fees, and also targeted contributions to the implementation of innovative projects of WKO are discussed at the sessions as needed. These funds are spent according the decisions of the Board of Trustees as per approved budgets”.

Beginning from 2014, the Board of Trustees of "Technopark" Algorithm" LLP has considered 12 innovative projects in the region, three of which currently receive funding and are implemented.

On January 23, 2017 the 5th meeting of the Board of Trustees was held under the chairmanship of WKR deputy akim I.V. Steksov in "Technopark" Algorithm" LLP.

At this meeting the report of "Technopark" Algorithm" LLP director about Technopark activities for 2016 was listened, members of the Board of Trustees were familiarized with the activity of the Regional Office of Innovation, accompanied projects and rendered services on those projects. In addition, information on previously approved projects under implementation and intermediate results achieved was provided. 

During the session, the presentations on four innovative projects of WKR were listened:

1. “Creation of experimental-industrial area for small-scale production of thermal insulation, construction material - foam glass, based on the recycling of cullet” (“INNOTECHPROJECT” LLP).

Project supposes the organization of an industrial site for the production of foam glass (20 000 m3 per year) with improved technological and physical - mechanical properties. The company has a material - technical base (educational, scientific and production center WKATU named after Zhangir Khan), which allows the creation of experimental - industrial plot on the small-scale production of thermal insulating material, the structural foam glass. 

Currently research is being performed and pilot samples of the heat-insulating - construction material - foam glass is obtained. There are agreements and a protocol of intentions with the construction companies of WKR on joint promotion of the project.

2. “Organization of the production site for serial production of the frame yurts in accordance with the requirements of the technical conditions of the PCT PK 358-86”. (“Ayaz” LLP)

The aim of this project is to increase the number of the nomenclature of manufactured products, usage and technological equipment of redundant production facilities, manufacturing plants loading, and development of new products. The presence of machinery equipment, qualified personnel, vacant production premises enable the organization of the production site for the manufacture of the frame of national yurt of peeled veneer in accordance with the requirements of the national standard РК 358-86.

3. “Production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)” (“UAV technology of Kazakhstan” LLP)

To date, the company conducts joint activities with foreign companies in the field of UAV design, has experimental prototypes of a UAV and is planning to organize mass production of the UAV in the territory of WKR (on the base of “Technopark “Algoritm”” LLP), there is an agreement for the sale of UAVs, clients database creation is in the process. In addition, the company plans to provide services with the use of UAVs (monitoring of agricultural land, the surveillance of oil and gas facilities, etc.). The main stages of the project are to prepare the necessary industrial site, purchase and installation of the necessary equipment, the beginning of production and sales.

4. Increasing the printing productivity of 3D printers” (Salimov B. N.)

The project provides a solution to the problem of low productivity of 3D printers and aims to commercialize the results of scientific and technological activities by organizing Layouts Print Center. In Kazakhstan, only a few firms provide the services of 3D printing, the official sale of the devices involves only one. The development of technology will allow efficiently implement new and already running programs.

Later in the meeting, the discussion of presented projects was held and according to the results of voting, a decision was made to approve funding for three projects reviewed, and to direct them to the scientific and technical counsel on the development of innovation.

In conclusion, the Board of Trustees meeting was reviewed and the working plan of Technopark Board of Trustees for 2017 was approved.

Also the total amount of prize money for 1 000 000 tenge for the annual competition of innovative projects among schoolchildren and students WKR called “INNOVA-2017" was approved.


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