06 November 2018


Dear West Kazakhstan citizens!

I wish you on holiday – 1 May – Day of Unity in Kazakhstan!

This holiday is an invaluable symbol of peace and friendship, unity and brotherhood for every citizen of Kazakhstan.

Every year our state grows and prospers. Thanks to public consent and political stability Kazakhstan shows a worthy example of national integrity to the whole world.

As the President of N.A.Nazarbayev noted: «The country that is strong with its unity, joyful with its work, and friendly with its people lives happily and richly».

I would like to note that the people of the region make a great contribution to strengthening the unity of our people, to the prosperity of peace and friendship in our region.

Dear countrymen! I wish you and your families well-being, happiness and peace! Let our country only strengthen and prosper.

Best regards, Akim of the West Kazakhstan oblast A. Kulginov


Dear residents and guests of West Kazakhstan oblast!

Please accept my heartiest congratulations you on the upcoming holiday – New Year's Day!

These days, we traditionally give an assessment of what has been done and are waiting for good deeds in the future.

First of all, 2017 was the year of unity of goals, thoughts and labor contribution of each resident of the region. Presidential programs also helped here, such as «Nurly zhol» («Нұрлы жол») «Nurly zher» («Нұрлы жер»).
Thanks to the coordinated work, we repaired a record 500 kilometers of roads, clean drinking water came to the residents of 55 villages in the region, and the villagers of 35 villages — the long-awaited «blue fuel».

In turn, our builders gave about 300 thousand square meters of housing and another 1,500 families of Ural residents celebrate the New year under their own Shanyrak.

This year social projects were continued. For example, we have updated schools and hospitals, primarily in the districts of the region, and under the program of employment and mass entrepreneurship, thousands of West Kazakhstanis were able to get training, get a job or start their own business.

We were also pleased by agricultural workers, who gathered a rich harvest of grain crops and increased the number of livestock. Our businessmen have launched production for the processing of agricultural products, including with an eye to export.

This year launched the digitalization of the economy, we are developing the regional center on the concept of «Smart city». At the same time, residents of the region actively supported the Presidential program of modernization of consciousness, according to which our countrymen were among the «100 new faces of Kazakhstan». The Museum, which tells about the history of his native land, opened its doors «Rukhani zhangyru» («Рухани жаңғыру»). And there is a significant contribution of our citizens, who support the future of their native land.

All this has been achieved thanks to the unity and the policy of the Head of State – Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev, pursued for the benefit of the people of Kazakhstan.

The coming year also promises to be successful and fruitful. We have big plans and a lot of work ahead of us. I am sure that joint efforts aimed at solving the tasks set will definitely lead us to new successes. After all, everyone expects from the New Year only the best. Let this bright holiday fill our lives with warmth, give you the joy of communicating with loved ones.

I wish you all good health, happiness and fulfillment of the most cherished desires!




Dear West Kazakhstan citizens!

I wish wholeheartedly you on the main holiday – Kazakhstan Independence Day!

December 16 is a date that became a turning point in the life of our state and a strong incentive for the fruitful, inspired work of millions of Kazakhstanis.

Thanks to the unity of the people and the political course of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan has achieved impressive success in a short time.

Our area also represents the dynamics of progress. The measures taken today to increase the pace of economic growth, the policy of improving public welfare have a solid Foundation and good potential for development and, as a result, for a comfortable life of West Kazakhstan citizens.

I sincerely wish the residents of the region good health, happiness, peace and harmony! Success and prosperity to our common home – sovereign Kazakhstan!

Dear West Kazakhstan citizens!

I wish you on the holiday - The day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan! This day will forever remain in the annals of Independent Kazakhstan as a day of historical choice, national unity and harmony. Today, Kazakhstan has become a state with a well-established interethnic harmony, which has achieved changes in all areas of public life, dynamically developing economy, science and culture. Thanks to the constructive and far-sighted policy of the President Nazarbayev, we have made persistent socio-economic development.

Dear West Kazakhstan citizens! I sincerely congratulate you on The day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan! I wish you family well-being, good health and happiness. Let our common home - Kazakhstan develop, prosper and grow stronger!

Best regards, Akim of the West Kazakhstan oblast A. Kulginov


I cordially wish the readers and the editorial staff on the wonderful 100th anniversary of your newspaper! Over the years since the release of the first issue, the publication has gained well-deserved popularity, trust and love of residents. Efficiency and objectivity, the depth of penetration into the topic, the ability to interest the reader – these are the main qualities that distinguish the materials of the newspaper «Priurale» («Приуралье»). Today, being faithful to its best traditions, the newspaper continues to develop dynamically and remains one of the most widely read periodicals in the region.

I thank journalists and all the staff of «Priurale» («Приуралье») for their professionalism, conscientious and creative approach to the preparation of materials.I wish the staff and readers of the newspaper good health, good luck, implementation of all plans, creative longevity and all the best!

Best regards, Akim of the West Kazakhstan oblast A. KULGINOV

Dear West Kazakhstan citizens!

I wish you on the holiday – the Constitution day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!


The Constitution is not just a legislative act, it is a symbol of statehood, the support of the country, which gives confidence in the future and an incentive for growth and development. The main law of the Republic of Kazakhstan declares social harmony and political stability, economic development for the benefit of all people, Kazakhstan patriotism as one of the basic principles. As the President of our country Nursultan Nazarbayev noted, «All our successes have been achieved thanks to unity, harmony in society, our firm commitment to the main values of the Constitution of the country»

I wish you good health, prosperity and success for the benefit of our prosperous Republic.


Best regards, Akim of the West Kazakhstan oblast A. Kulginov.