06 November 2018

Akzhaiyk district


1. Leadership


Aitmukhambetov Kaler Kadyrovich  – akim of the district
Abugaliyev Askar Batyrkhanovich – deputy akim
Shiniyazov Timur Serikovich - deputy akim
Gabdushev Tlekkabyl Alexandrovich - deputy akim
Umitov Erdos Rashidovich – chief of stuff


2. Brief information about District


Akzhaik district is located in the central part of the West Kazakhstan region. The territory is 25.2 thousand square meters. Population 42243 peopleThe average population density is 2 people per 1 sq.m. The main territory of the region is 53 settlements located along the Ural River. The district center is Chapaevo village. The district consists of 18 administrative-territorial divisions - Rural districts of Akzhol, Aksuat, Algabas, Almaly, Bazartobe, Budarin, Esensay, Konekketken, Zhambyl, Zhanabulak, Kabirshakty, Karauyltobe, Kuraylysai, Mergen, Sarytogai, Taipak, Chapayev.


3. Schedule of personal reception of individuals and representatives of legal entities by the head and deputy heads






Aitmukhambetov Kaler Kadyrovich

Akim of the District

Every Friday
from 10.00 till 12.30

8(71136) 92-3-20
8(71136) 91-0-93

Abugaliyev Askar Batyrkhanovich

Deputy Akim

Every Thursday
from 10.00 till 12.30

8(71136) 92-3-20
8(71136) 91-0-93

Gabdushev Tlekkabyl Alexandrovich

Deputy Akim

Every Wednesday 
from 10.00 till 12.30

8(71136) 92-3-20
8(71136) 91-0-93

Shiniyazov Timur Serikovich

Deputy Akim

Every Tuesday
from 10.00 till 12.30

8(71136) 92-3-20
8(71136) 91-0-93

Umitov Erdos Rashidovich

Chieff of Stuff

Every Day
from 10.00 till 12.30

8(71136) 91-4-54
8(71136) 91-0-93
8(71136) 92-3-20




Goals and Objectives


  1. The mission and goals of the state institution "Akim Akzhaik district administration" of the West Kazakhstan region - qualitative and timely information-analytical support and organizational-legal support for the activities of the Akzhayk district executive power.

Implementation of state policy in the field of information support, provision of public services 


1) in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 38 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Local Government Administration and Self-Government in the Republic of Kazakhstan" carries out information-analytical, organizational, legal and logistical support to the activities of akim of the district:
2) control over the implementation and organization of the implementation of acts of akim and akimat of the district, instructions of the akim, deputy akim of the district;
3) an unconditional, comprehensive and timely execution of acts of akim and akimat of district, orders of akim and akim deputies;
4) timely and full information to the akim, deputy akim and akimat of the district on the situation in the territory Akzhaik District. 



To carry out its functions, the akim's stuff has the right within its competence:
1) to receive the necessary information from state bodies and other organizations financed from the local budget, and also give them mandatory instructions for execution;
2) to request and receive from the enterprises, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership the necessary information, documents, other materials, oral and written explanations on the issues referred to the competence of the district akim stuff;
3) use information data banks available to the state authorities;
4) to maintain official correspondence with state and non-state bodies and organizations on issues referred to the competence of the stuff of akim of the district;
5) carry out inspections of the execution of acts of the President, government orders, resolutions of the akimat, decisions and orders of the akim of the district, take measures to eliminate the violations identified;
6) participate in the meetings of the akimat of the district, as well as in the meetings of divisions, akims of  auyl county;
7) on behalf of the district akim and his deputy, to involve employees of state bodies and other organizations financed from the local budget, to participate in the resolution of issues referred to the competence of the district akim stuff. 

5. Mailing Address: bld 70, Konayev str, Chapayev vill, Akzhaik district, West Kazakhstan    Oblast 
6. E-mail addressThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
7. Telephone numbers: 8(71136) 92-3-20, 8(71136) 91-0-93