06 November 2018

Karatobe district


1. The leadership


  1. Assantayev Zhanat Asylkhanuly - The akim of Karatoba district
  2. Imangaliev Rashit Nasipkalievich- The deputy of akim Karatoba district
  3. Sultan  Zhasulan Karelovich - The deputy of akim Karatoba district
  4. Togizbaev Nurbolat Sagingalievich- The manager of apparatus Karatoba district


2. The short information about the district 

Karatoba district was based in 1928. Karatoba is situated on the south-east region of country. It  borders with the district Kyzilkoga, in Atyrau region and Oyil in Aktobe region.The territory of district is 10 thousand sq. m. The area of the land covers north-east neighborhood with valley of coast Ural  river and Kaspian  sea. The highest terrain of region on the north – east (Kalpaktau,244m), it begins from north-east to south-west  of country  and observed gradually decline. The valley Akkum is in  Egidikul village of Karatoba. It located  the 100-140m high from the earth. Proceeds  the river Kaldigaity to the territory of district which coasts 242 km.
The climate of the district is continental, and the north of the country is dry.  The winter is often harsh and the summer is hot. The distance from Karatoba district to Ural town  is 260 km.

The basic functions, objectives  and tasks

The mission and objectives of state department “Akim`s apparatus of Karatoba district” is in quality timely analytic  information support and organizationally legal  provision activities  executive body of authorities Karatoba district. 


The major task of akim`s apparatus  of  Karatoba district is:

1.According with paragraph 1, statues 38 of  low Republic of Kazakstan  “About the local management and self- management in Republic of Kazakstan” is  realize analytic informations of activity to akim of district.
2. The control for performance and organization performance acts of akim  and akimat of the district .
3. Unconditionally, exhaustive and  timely  performance of akim`s acts and akimat of district.
4. Timely and full information of akim and alternates akim of district. 


The Functions:


The object of activity state department “ Akim`s apparatus of Karatoba district” is:

  1. Participating implementation of district territory to the direction for internal and foreign affairs of President,  provision and control for move of the realization state program and prognosis to social-economic cultivation.
  2. Coordinates activities of enterprises organization and department of republic subordination accordance  with authorities, provides trials and coordination activity  of state bodies.
  3. Participating to the elaboration of strategy social-economic development of Karatoba district, the complex of measures to its realization.
  4. Organizes and provides to performance lows of Republic, the acts of President and the governments Republic of Kazakstan, the control for performance of akim and akimat district.
  5. Participating development and  to contribute offers for questions definition priority course of cultivation in sphere production.
  6.  Organizes interaction akim`s apparatus of district  with apparatus of regions, with local representative bodies, the rural constituencies.
  7. Contributes offers for projects legislative and other normative legal acts.
  8. Implements analytic-information, organization legal provide conference, meetings, visits and other events.
  9. Provides observance of work regulation akim`s apparatus of Karatoba district.
  10. Organizes documentary provision activities for akim  of Karatoba district and his deputy, consideration service documents, letters, the statements of citizens, the own visit of citizens, the analyze of  incoming letters and statements of citizens.
  11. Provides storage of solutions, orders of akim and  decisions at the akim of district.
  12. Implements internal control and organization for control to observance of standards and regulations to the  provision of state services government organizations.
  13. Engaged to mark questions effectiveness of activities state bodies, held as for as regions and to district level.
  14. Introduction of information technology , the systems of electronic document circulation.
  15. Implements for staffing politics to bodies local executive authorities by way of the organization learning and insertion suggestion  for staffing incoming to nomenclatures the akim of district.
  16. Organizes lighting activities  of akimat`s  district, the akim of district and his deputies, it means mass information , interaction with them.
  17. Provides to coordinating the akim and the akimat with low enforcement bodies for reinforcing lows and order in the area.


3. Post  address: WKR, Karatoba district, Kurmangalieva street №19
4. E mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
5. The telephone number: 8(71145) 31-1-55
6. The official internet resource: karatobe-bko.gov.kz