06 November 2018

Syrym district


1.Guidance of district

Turegaliev Tulegen Serikkalievich - Akim ofSyrym district
Akhmetov Erbolat Azhmukhanbetovich- Deputy akim of the Syrym district
Sarkulov Aslanbek Ahmetollaevich – Deputy akim of the Syrym district
Sarsenov Erlan Zholdybayevich - District Administration Chief of Staff


2. About district:


Zhympity district (now Syrym) as administrative territorial unit on the east of West Kazakhstan region.

This region is distinguished by its rich and distinctive history. From ancient times, there have been preserved epics dedicated to the heroism of the Batyrs of our land: Koblandy batyr, Yer Targyn and Yedige, the selfless love of Kyz Zhibek and Tulegen, who became a legend on this land.

1783-1797 under the leadership of Syrym batyr in the Junior Zhuz in this region lived such historical personalities as: Baybarak batyr, Tailak batyr, Bulan bi, Esengeldi bai.

In the years 1881-1890 there was foundations of the village of Zhympity, which later became a city.

In 1884 there were built a mosque, a hospital for 25 people and a two-year school.

Built in 1880 by the Russian merchant Tarakanov, the grain processing machine mill was functioned uninterruptedly until the 1960-s.

The goods produced by such craftsmen as Doshai, Niyazgali, Azhigali, Abubakir, Zhumagul, Nurmukhan, Zhumagali, Esenbai, Bisenbai, Sharipulla, Anfisa Belkina were widely known and popular among the population right up to Orenburg.

In the early twentieth century, Zhympity turned into the largest center of the revolt. Here, the government Alashorda took placed its flag and foundation of the first Kazakh state. There was representatives of the Kazakh elite like ass: Zhahansha Dosmukhameduly, Khalel Dosmukhamedov, Salyk Omarov, Dauletshah Kussepkaliyev, Kaldybai Asanov, Sabyr Sargozin, Kuanay Kosdauletov. During these years, here were established detachments of mounted militia, was opened a school of military cadets, which cadets were trained in military affairs. Along with this, were opened a bank, telegraph and other economic organizations. The headquarters of the government of Alashorda, headed by Zhahansha Dosmukhameduly was in the house of the merchant Tarakanov.

In October 1919 the Government moved from Zhympity to Kyzylkoga. On the 19 of  November same year, was established the power of the Soviets. On the 12 of October 1920 was founded the Urals province, which entered Zhympity county. The county included 19 volosts, the territory which was 38,500 square km with a total number of rape 78,861 people. Drought and hunger in 1920-1922 years in Zhympity county caused mass death of people, which led to a reduction in the population.

The first county party conference was held on the 26 of December in 1921. By this time, the party had 18 members and 23 candidates.

In October 1923, one of the founders of the Kazakh Soviet literature S. Seifullin visited Zhympity.

In 1928 in the Shalkar volost the famous mosque Tazherke was destroyed.

In the 17 of January 1928 as a result of the reorganization was formed Zhympity district, which inclused 6 volosts.

In 1928 in the Zhympity district was confiscated the property of 28 bais, which were exiled. The largest of them were Salyk Omarov, Otekozha, Kali Shaulbekov.

In 1933 in the district were established 16 collective farms, under which were established 40 associations: «Saryoy», «Igilik», «Kizil tan», «Socialism», «Kalinin», «Stalin», «Zhumysker», «Tukeris», «Sаule», «Birlik», «Kamchatka», «Kedey», «Alka», «Tamdy», «Zhuldyz», «Isa».

As a result of the repressions that began in 1934, the area was subjected to persecution, called enemies of the people 105 people were sentenced to death.

On the eve of the Great Patriotic War there were 41 collective farms, 5 state farms and 2 MTS. In 1940, the district handed over 13,100 centners of grain, 16740 centners of meat and 607 centners of wool to the state fund. Since the beginning of the Second World War, 4200 people have been mobilized to the front, of which 2,800 people have not returned to their native lands. Among them, volunteers left for the front five girls, three of whom died. Returning from the war, A. Niyazgaliyev, M. Umbetova worked for many years for the people.

During the Great Patriotic War, Zhympity White millet became famous. The name of Mayra Ziyasheva, nicknamed Mother of White Millet for record harvesting, became known not only in the district, but throughout the Union. About 40 girls got behind the wheel of tractors. Among them we can name M.Eshmukhanova, U.Kobdabaeva, K.Nurmuhanova, Zh.Zhurmagambetova.

In 1947-1957 years the collective farms were enlarged and reorganized into state farms. In 1956 the state farm «Pravda» harvested 1 million poods crop of grain. In 1957 the director of the state farm V. Shubin, was awarded the title of «Hero of Socialist Labor».

In 1966  the district's economy handed over to the state 3 million poods of grain. In the district there were 10 state farms and 1 collective farm, in which there were 45240 cattle, 168500 sheep and 4400 horses.

In 1992 the Government decreed the district was given the name of the historical personality, the leader of the national liberation movement S. Datov.

2017 year for the district is very significant, because this year large-scale events will take place in honor of the significant dates as the 275-th anniversary of Syrym Datov, the 100-th anniversary of the creation of the Alash party and the 130-th anniversary of Zhakhansha Dosmukhamedov.

The territory of the district currently covers 11,9 thousand square kilometers with a population of 19,1 thousand people. In the region, 38 settlements are united into 12 rural districts. Center - the village of Zhympity is located near the riverside Ulenta. The basic population is - kazakhs. For the economy of agriculture are suitable 1122365 hectares of land, of which 18,7 thousand hectares are - sown, 164272 hectares - virgin lands, 43,7 thousand hectares of hayfields and 5,1 thousand hectares of forest lands.


3. Schedule of personal reception of citizens by district akim, deputy akims and district Administration Chief of Staff




Receiving schedule



Tulegen Serikkalievich

Akim of district

Every Tuesday of the week

10.00 to 12.00



Erbolat Azhmukhambetovich

Deputy akim of district

Every Thursday of the week

10.00 to 12.00



Aslanbek Akhmetollaevich


Deputy akim of district

Every Saturday of the week

10.00 to 12.00



Erlan Zholdybayevich


District Administration Chief of Staff

Every Friday of the week

10.00 to 12.00




Goals and objectives:


1) receive the necessary information from local Executive bodies, committees and departments, as well as give them binding instructions;

2)  to request and receive from the enterprises, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership the necessary information, documents, other materials, oral and written explanations on the issues referred to the competence of the district akim stuff;

3) use information data banks available to the state authorities;

4) to maintain official correspondence with state and non-state bodies and organizations on issues referred to the competence of the stuff of akim of the district;

5)  carry out inspections of the execution of acts of the President, government orders, resolutions of the akimat, decisions and orders of the akim of the district, take measures to eliminate the violations identified;

6) participate in the meetings of the akimat of the district, as well as in the meetings of divisions, akims of  auyl county;

7) on behalf of the district akim and his deputy, to involve employees of state bodies and other organizations financed from the local budget, to participate in the resolution of issues referred to the competence of the district akim stuff. 

8) submit proposals to the akim of the district on dismissal of the management Department, departments subordinated to the akim of the district, as well as on bringing them to disciplinary responsibility.

9) the requirements of the akim's office on the submission of the necessary materials by the state bodies, the communication shall be executed within the terms established in the law, if other terms are not specified.




1)  in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 38 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Local Government Administration and Self-Government in the Republic of Kazakhstan" carries out information-analytical, organizational, legal and logistical support to the activities of akim of the district;

2) ensuring compliance with the Regulations of the district akim's office;

3) Consistent implementation of the President's policy to strengthen the statehood of Kazakhstan, the implementation of economic reform, the definition of tactics and mechanisms for its implementation, analysis of the state and prospects of development of the national economic complex of the region, socio-cultural sphere, foreign economic relations, the development of appropriate forecasts, identification of major problems and preparation of proposals to address them;

4) ensuring compliance with the law and order, control over the implementation of management bodies, enterprises, organizations and citizens of constitutional rights and obligations, the development of measures for state and labor discipline, the development of an effective mechanism of social and legal protection of the population;

5) Timely receipt from the Executive authorities of all levels of information for the qualitative preparation of draft decisions, orders of the akim of the district, draft programs, concepts and forecasts that form the socio-economic policy, participation in the development and examination of these documents;

6) Organization and enforcement of laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, acts of the President And the Government, decisions of akimat, decisions and orders of akim of the region and district, control over their execution and management, committees and departments, other organizations and local authorities;

7) Study of issues and preparation of materials for consideration at the meetings of akimat;

8) Information and analytical, legal, organizational and logistical support of the akimat meetings and other events held by the akim and his deputies;

9) Documentation support of the district akim's office, consideration of official documents, letters and applications, organization of reception of citizens, analysis of document flow, improvement of office work, ensuring the functioning of the state, Russian and other languages;

10) Coverage of the activities of the district akim's office in the media, organization of interaction with them, explanation of the domestic and foreign policy pursued by the President and the Government;

11) analysis of the qualitative composition and movement of personnel included in the list of positions appointed by the akim of the district, the organization of training and retraining.

12) The departments of the akim's office act on the basis of this regulation, as well as the regulations on the departments approved by the head of the office;

13) ensuring the development and implementation of gender and family and demographic policies.

14) preparation of a proposal on the expansion of interregional foreign economic relations of the region, development of measures for the practical implementation of these relations and monitoring their implementation.


ADRESS: WKR, Syrym district, Zhympity village, Kazakhstan street №8
EMAIL ADDRESS:  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
TELEPHONES: 8(71134) 31-274, 31-260, 31-203
WEB-SITE: http://www.syrym-bko.gov.kz/en-gb/