06 November 2018

Zelenovski district




Shaharov Ashat Berleshovich

The akim of Zelenov district

Zalmukanov Murat Duysenovitch

The deputy of akim Zelenov district

Turlybekov Kopjan Tastanuly

The deputy of akim Zelenov district

Shauenov Rinat Satimovitch

The deputy of akim Zelenov district

Kobenov Abat Zmgalievich

The manager of apparatus Zelenov district



Zelenov district is situated in the North part of West – Kazakhstan Oblast. The district territory is 7.4 thousand km. square. The district center is located in village Peremetnoye, the distance between the district center and Uralsk town is 38 km. The administrative – territorial division of the district is next: there are 22 rural regions including 68 populated areas. 
The population numbers 54.4 thousand people on the 1st. of the year 2017. There are more than 12 nationalities live in friendship and harmony. 
The district is bordered with three oblast of Russian Federation, they are Orenburg oblast (the Pervomay district, the Tashlinsky district), Saratovsy oblast (Ozinsky district, Perelyobsky district), Samarsky oblast (Bolshechernigovsky district). 
Three international lines pass through the district territory: Samara – Shimkent and Uralsk – Saratov, Atiray – Samara, and Kiev – Moscow and Tashkent – Saratov railways. 
The district is provided with all the conditions of transport – logistic 
Infrastructure that is a push for further development of transport potential of the Oblast and the district, for transit, export and import good traffic, increasing and boundary trade – economical co – operation. 
A system of general education and special educational instruction is widely developed in the district. There are 2 colleges, 46 educational day – schools from them are 30 secondary, 9 basic, 7 elementary and 1 night school. And there are 2 musical – schools, educational working center, the children’s center of tourism and ecology.
48 – pre – school institution in the district. All of them are supplied with modern equipment.
The territory of relief is crossing by rivers, gorges, waterless valley in the South and wavy leeward plain in the North (it is a watershed of spurs BolshoySirt) at a height to one hundred meters and more.  
Zelenov district belongs to the 1 agricultural zone – steppe, grain farming, cattle – breading farming (in the North port of the Oblast). In this zone more produced grain, oil – bearing plants, fodder crops, potato, vegetable – growing, fruit and berry plantation supplied with water drop irrigation. Cattle – breeding part, dairy – farming, pig – breeding poultry – farm industry, meat – wool – sheep – breedring are developed very well. 
This district is rich with minerals (oil, gas, gravel, clay,  lime – stone and so on). There is a huge water fresh reserve in the district. Including geographic situation and relief of the district, it is possible using the sun, wind energy.
The Urals river flows, it divides continent into Europe and Asia, that favor the development of tourism business, the district has unique historical places, one of them is the Darinskynmuseum complex of Michael Sholochov. 


3.The table Of personal receiving physical persons and juridical representative persons by the leader and the deputy leaders of Zelenov district.




Receiving time

Contact phones

Shaharov Ashat Berleshovitch

The district leader

Weekly, on Wednesdays from 10.00 till 13.00 in Peremetnoye village
Weekly on Tuesdays from 10.00 till 13.00 in Darynckoye village.




Zalmukanov Murat Duysenovitch

The district deputy leader

Weekly on Friday from 10.00 till 13.00


Turlybekov Kopjan Tastanuly

The district deputy leader

Weekly on Monday


Shauenov Rinat Satimovitch

The district deputy leader

Weekly on Tuesday


Kobenov Abat Zmgalievich

Manager stuff of the district leader

Weekly, on Thursday



Aims and tasks: “Stuff of the district leader”.


  1. The State institution “Stuff of the district leader” is a state government bodies of Republic of Kazakhstan, realizing a guidance in the right organizing, informational – analyzing and material –technical providing the leader and leadership of the district.
  2. The State institution “Stuff of the district leader” has not departments.
  3. The State institution “Stuff of the district leader” act accordingly with the Constitution and Laws of the Republic Kazakhstan, the acts of President and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other normative – right acts, and acting Regulation.
  4. The State institution “Stuff of the district leader” is a juridical person in the organizing right form of State institution, has its seal and stamp with its name in the State language,the blanks of fixed model, in accordance with legistation of the Republic of Kazakhstan there are accounts in Treasury organs.
  5. The State institution “Stuff of Zelenov district leader” enters in the civil – right attitude from autographic name.
  6. The State institution “Stuff of Zelenov district leader” has the right to enter as a side of civil – right attitudes from the government, it is empowered in accordance with the legislation.
  7. The State institution “Stuff of Zelenov district leader” in accordance with the questions of its competence does the right decision on established legistation by registered officially commands of the manager of the State institution “Stuff of Zelenov district leader and other acts, providing by the legistation of the Republic Kazakhstan.
  8. 8. The structure and the limit of stuff numbers of the State institution “Stuff of Zelenov district leader” are affirmed in accordance with the acting legistation.
  9. The address of the juridical person is:    Index: 090600, The Republic of Kazakhstan, West – Kazakhstan oblast, Zelenov district, Peremetnoye village, Gagarin street, house N 139.
  10.  The full name of the State organ is The State institution “Stuff of Zelenov district leader”.
  11.  The acting Regulation is the constitutive document of the State institution “Stuff of Zelenov district leader”
  12.  The financing of the State institution “Stuff of Zelenov district leader” working is from the local budget.
  13.  The State institution “Stuff of Zelenov district leader” is forbidden to enter in agreements with the subjects of the private business undertakings to the acting subject duties, that is the functions of State institution “Stuff of Zelenov district”.  

If The State institution “Stuff of Zelenov district leader” has the right by legistation acts to realize the working has Profit, gotten from such a work that is directed in the profit of State budget. 
The main functions of the State institution 
“Stuff of Zelenov district leader”


Mission: The State institution “Stuff of Zelenov district leader” provides the work of the district leader and the district deputy leader. 

Tasks: information – analyzing, organizing – right and material technical supplement of the District Leader work.



  1. Preparing every quarterly plan of the district Leader’s work.
  2. Taking part in the working up the act projects of Leadership and leader of the district.
  3. Preparing the materials for meeting of the Leadership of the district.
  4. Realizing the control after the acting the assignments of President, The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, of the Oblast and district Leadership and Leader.
  5. The systematic information the Leader of the district and oblast about the acting legislation of the Republic Of Kazakhstan, President, Government and Prime – Minister assignments, Resolution and protocol assignments of Leadership, decisions and dares of the district and oblast leadership, providing the control for their acting.
  6. Information – analyzing, organizing – right and material – technic providing of the Leadership meeting, and other actions of the leader and his deputies.
  7. Preparing of materials for the district Leader and his deputes, characterizing the condition of social – economic development of the district.
  8. Account, monitoring, systemizing and acting the control copies of standard – right acts entering by the district Leadership and Leader.
  9. Making analysis in the aim of the definition the profit prepare degree of the Stuff, including in the number of the posts fixed by the district leader.
  10.  Organize the Stuff education.
  11.  The examination of official documents.
  12.  Organizing civil receiving.
  13.  Office working, working with the mail entering the Leadership.
  14.  Preparing the questions for the examination of Leader with acting organs.
  15.  Coordination works on the making effectiveness of the state stuff of the local acting organs and stuff of district and the town of the district fix.
  16.  Organizing and making state purchases.
  17.  Organizing and making works with the registration the acts civil conditions.
  18.  Examination the works about the administrative breaking of the low in the limit its competence.
  19.  In the limit of its competence breaking out of other functions foreseen by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Right and duties.

1.Asking and getting the state organs, other organizations and physical persons the information and documents on the questions by competence of the Leadership.
2.Making on the constant base the checking the realization of President, The Republic of Kazakhstan State, Leadership of district and oblast acting, to take measures on the removal of the finding out the violation laws.
3.Taking part in the different degree meetings, boards of the local executive organs.
4.To enlist the services of executive organs, that financing from the district budget to take part in the preparation of the question, entering in the sitting of the district Leadership for the district Leader examination.
5.Taking part in the working out of standard right documents.
6.To provide the observance by collaborator of State institutions of Zelenov leader standard ethics of the administrative State office workers.
7.To realize other rights, need for the realization the main tasks and the functions of the district leader stuff in accordance with the legistation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

5. The Post address: 090600, West- Kazakhstan oblast, Zelenov district, Peremetnoye village, Gagarin street, 139.
6. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
7. Telephone numbers: +7(71130) 22-333,Fax: +7(71130) 22-875
8. Officially internet resource:  http://zelenov-bko.gov.kz