06 November 2018

Zhanibek district




Safimaliev Azamat Safimaluly


Meneshov Birzhan Nurlanovich

The deputy of akim

Abdolov Zhaksylyk Karimullinovich

The deputy of akim

Job vacancy

the head of akims staff


2.Brief information about the district:


The Zhanibek district was founded in 1922. It is ioca ted on the west-south part of the West Kazakhatan region, 454 km far from the center. The area of the district is 8.2 sguare km, 17.405  people. Live in the district. The zhanibek district consists of nine auls, and the administrative centre of Zhanibek. The climate is dry and rifers to the semi-desert zone. The length of motor roads is 319 km, including 45 km roads with black covering, 188 km roads with gravel covering and 82 km of dirt roads.
The district of Zhanibek borders with Volgograd and Saratov regions of the Russian Federation,  Bokey Orda and Kaztalov districts of the West Kazakhstan region 


3. The Schedule of personal reception of individuals and representatives of legal entities by the head and deputy heads







Safimaliev Azamat Safimaluly

the Akim of district

Friday, From 10.00 to 12.00 hours, weekly



Meneshov Birzhan Nurlanovich

the Deputy of akim

- Wednesday,
From 10.00 to 12.00 hours, weekly



Abdolov Zhaksylyk Karimullinovich

the Deputy of akim

- Thursday,
From 10.00 to 12.00 hours, weekly



Job vacancy

the Head of Akim's stuff

- Wednesday,
From 10.00 to 12.00 hours, weekly





Goals and objectives: 

Objectives of state establishement “Zhanibek district Akims office” – qualitative and timely information-analytical support and organization-legal enforcement activities of executive branch of Zhanibek district.
I m plementation of state policy in the freld of information support to ensure public service delivery.
The main objectrves of Zhanibec district Akims office are:

  1. According to the paragraph 1 of article 38 laur of the Republic of the Kazakhstan “The low on local self-government in the Republic of Kazakhstan” which perfoms information-analytical, organization –legal, material-technical support activities of the Akim of the district.
  2. Execution contral and organization of  execution of Akims acts and Akimat of the district, the instructions of akims, the deputics of akim of the district.
  3. Certainly, exhaustively and timely execution of Akims acts and Akimat, of the district, the instructions of akimat, the deputies of akim of the district.
  4. Timely and full informing akim, the deputies of akim and Akimat of the district about the situation on the terri tory in the Zhanibek district.



The objectives of the state establishment “The Akims office of the Zhanibek district” are the following finctions;

  1. Participares in the implementation of the main areas of the Presidents internal and foreign policy on the territory of the destrcit, of the Republic of Kazakhstan by participating in the development of the forecast of socia-economical of the district; ensuring and monitoring the implementation of state programs and the forecast of social-economical development, developing proposals and limits of their competences;
  2. Coordinates the activities of enterprises, organizations and institutions of republican subordination in accordance with the authority delegated by the central executive agence, ensures the interaction and coordination of the activities of state body, financed from the. Local budget, the territorial agency of the republican subordinate.
  3. Participates in the development of the strategy of sociaeconomical development of the Zhanibek district, complex of measures for its implementation, improvement of mechanisms and tactics of implemonting social-economical reforms and the activities of the executrve authofites in the district are coordinated by reguest and timely reccipt of information from them for analysis, preparation of akim and Akimat of the district , tracking their implementation the formation of proposals and forecasts on the development of the socia-economical situation.
  4. Organizes and ensures the implementation of  the lows of the republic, acts of the President and Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, control over the execution of Arim and Akimat of the district.
  5. Participates in the development and introduees proposals on the issues of determinebg the priority directires of development in the sohere of production, attracting forerga loans and investments fer the development of impont-substituting industries, coordination of interreginal relaticas and formation of the stock sestem.
  6. Organical the interaction of the arims staff with the akims office of the dutrict, with local representative agencies akims rural districts mass medea and population.
  7. Makes proposals on draffs of legislative and otter normative legal acts, acts of, acim and the akimat of the district, the district maslikhat.
  8. Cfrries cut informatik –analytical, organizatim-legel support for meetings, visits and other events, conducted by the district akim and deputies, sowes the issues of economic and financialservices of  the district akim, his deputies and employus;
  9. Ensuring compliance with the regulatuns of the akims staff of the Zhanibek district.
  10. Organizes documentation support for the activities of the district akim and his deputres. Consideration of official documents, letter, appeals and application of citizens, personal reception of citizens analysis of incoming letters and applications of citizens, document flow, establishment of office work, work with secret documents, the funeticning of office work in the state language;
  11. Provides storage of lecisions, orders, of akim and resolutions of the district
  12. Carries out internal contral and organization of control over observance of stardards and regulations form the provision of public services ty state agencies;
  13. Deals with issues of assessing the effectiveness of government  agencies, conducted both at the  regional and district levels;
  14. Introduetion of  informutim technologies, electronic document processing systems;
  15. Carries out the personal policy in the local exccutive bodies by organizing the study and making proposals on the staff of incoming, formation of personal reserve, organization of theer studies, interships, retraining and further training.
  16. Organizes the coverage of the activities of the district akimat, region akim and his deputies in the mass media, interaction with them, explaining the internal and foreigh policy pursued by the President and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the economic and social situation in the region, ways to solver the issice;
  17. Provides coordination and interaction of akim and akimat of the district with low enforcement bodies on issues of strengthing low and otver in the district.


5. Postal address: 090500. WKO, Zhanibek district, ul. G.Karash 61 

6. E-mail address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

7. Telephones: 8 (711135) 21-8-89

8. Official Internet resource: zhanibek-bko.gov.kz