08 November 2018

General overview


Information about sphere of culture


The state for 9 months  in 2018 year the  area functioning 733 institutions of culture.


As of 9 months of 2017, the regional budget allocated  6783,8  million tenge for the financing of the sphere of culture.


On capital repairs of the house of culture allocated 42 million tenge and local historical museum in Aksay from Burlinsky district 38572 thousand tenge.




In library system area as of for the 1 September 2017 y. functioned 390 libraries and for the 1 October 2018 y.  381.


In connection with the decrease in the population in the countryside    9 libraries were closed ( in Terekty district-rural libraries Karabas, Ersary, Satymshege, Suttigendy and Tasanshegen, in Zelenov district-rural libraries Shaputin, Karpov, Balabanov, Red Ural.)


Quantity visitors increased for 9 months 2018y and comprised 59118 units, hereby  increased on 2.8 %(2017y. 9 months-2044803); the book fund has increased on 41.1 thousand units, thus 0.7%(2017y. 9 months-5711.5, 2018y 9 months-5752,6); the update of book fund on Kazakh language for 1.7%(2017y. 9 months-2243,9)


Quantity readers compared with 9 month 2017y. in connection with the closure of village librariesand carrying out current repair work in existing libraries has decreased by 3247 people or 1.1%(2017 y. 9 months-279,3 thousand, 20


18 y. 9 months -276 thousand).




In area for the purpose of promotion there are 19 local history memorial museums of which 9 are located in rural areas.


Quantity  visitors comprised 89092 people so that with compare for 9 months 2017y( quantity visitors  85605 people) Increased for 3487 units.


 Quantity excursions for 9 months  2018 y.  made 300 holidays. Highlighted that is grown up.


In museums on the state for 9 months 2018y. organized 230 exhibitions. than for 9 months 2017 y. were 226 exhibitions.


House cultures and clubs:


On the state for 9 months 2018 y quantity house cultures and clubs comprised 275 units which are 249 located in rural district.


In 2018 y. made huge culture events than for 9 months 2017y. increased on 4442 events.


Concert organizations:


Concert organizations for the population of the region for 9 months 2017y.  made 250 concerts than 9 months 2017y.


In 2018 y. the concert was covered by the audience of 56287 people compared to the 9- months of 2017 y.  increased on 9510 people.




The Kazakh drama theatre named H. Bukeeva and the drama theatre named Ostrovsky staged 289  performances, during the same period of 2017 y. quantity performances decreased.


Spectators took part in the performances of the theatres for 2018 y. which compared with 2017 y.  increased for 9318 viewers.


The creative team of the regional Kazakh drama theatre named H. Bukeeva and the Ostrovsky drama theatre organized 7 new performances  for 9 months 2018y. by the end of the year it is planned 6 new performances.




Currently 2153 monuments  protects out of them 187 historical monuments 1966 archaeological monuments.


This year the archaeological monument «Zhaik Kalashyny» and 16 buildings of the Bokeyorda historical and museum complex  received the status of monuments of republican value «Kasietty Kazakhstan».


In 2018 in the framework of the program of the head of our country «Ruhani Zhangru» the rural libraries were modernized and the co-working centers of the Darinsky kids library of the the Zelenov district in Burlin rural library of Podstepniy from Terekty district.