08 November 2018

Inclusive education





All children are talented and have a right to a decent education and development; whereas professional help of specialists can change the quality of life and give a chance to any child, especially one with disabilities, for a decent and successful future. 

With the support from the Samruk-Kazyna Trust Social Development Foundation, the Education Department of West Kazakhstan Oblast and the Dara Charity Fund are implementing the project "Different but Equal: Creating an Inclusive Society in Kazakhstan".

The project aims to improve access of children with disabilities to education and development. It also promotes more efficient implementation of inclusive education in the country and development of a positive attitude towards people with disabilities in the society.

About 2,2 thousand children with disabilities live in Uralsk. At the same time, the city needs more correctional and rehabilitation institutions offering free professional assistance to children and their families.

Based on the signed Memorandum between the Akimat of West Kazakhstan Oblast and the Dara Foundation, a new psychological and pedagogical correction center (PPCC) will open in Uralsk this year.

The psychological and pedagogical correction center (PPCC) is an institution where any child with special needs and his family can seek qualified assistance from such specialists as special education teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, physical therapists, masseurs and visual impairment specialists. Services are provided to children and their families for free. Our strategic goal is to have such classrooms within walking distance from families raising special children.
In the PPCC, children will not only be able to seek qualified rehabilitation, but also counselling, socialization and communication. Classes will be conducted in line with current practices benefiting from the best Kazakhstani, Russian and foreign experience and will use modern equipment and developing materials.
Correctional centers include equipped physical therapy, Montessori and domestic/social adaptation rooms, various speech therapy devices, developing materials and toys; later they will include an instructional library for specialists including software that can do a comprehensive assessment of the child’s development and monitor efficiency of his classes.

As a result of the project:

• on average, between 150 and 200 families with special children every year will be able to seek comprehensive assistance with a development education cycle lasting from 3 to 12 months;
• waitlists for correctional services in Uralsk will be reduced.
• the range of habilitation, rehabilitation and social adaptation services for children with special needs will significantly expand;
• presence of such a supporting center will enable more active introduction of inclusive education for children with special educational needs in nearby general education schools, since the latter will benefit from professional support of relevant special education teachers.

For reference:

Samruk-Kazyna Trust is a Social Development Foundation under the Samruk-Kazyna JSC group of companies, which implements charitable and socially important projects and programs in the Republic of Kazakhstan and aims at addressing urgent and socially important issues.


The Dara Fund is a private charitable foundation with a mission to implement projects aiming to help children’s healthcare organizations, orphanages and boarding schools for children with disabilities. The Dara Fund works to improve living conditions and development opportunities for orphans, children with disabilities and sick children.


The Project ‘Different but Equal: Creating an Inclusive Society in Kazakhstan" aims to expand the network of psychological and pedagogical correction centers throughout Kazakhstan. Within this project, 15 correctional classrooms were launched and equipped in various regions in 2014-2017. The project is based on public-private partnership.