02 June 2019

Akim of WKO during the Sunday detour inspected improvements of yards and repair of roads


Akim of WKO Altay Kulginov together with akim of Uralsk Murat Mukaev on Sunday, June 2, conducted a detour of construction sites of the city, during which he inspected the quality of work performed on the improvement of yards. Akim of the region checked the progress of work in the yards of houses on Vokzalnaya street 6 and Zhukova street 9. All works will be done by August of this year.



This year, the improvement works of 25 new yards has been started in Uralsk. As part of the construction of new yard territories sport grounds, playgrounds for children, exercise machines, benches and trash bins are installed.


In addition, design estimates for the improvement of 24 yards have been developed. It is important to highlight, that 326 yards from total 386 have already been landscaped. Altay Kulginov noted that construction of playgrounds will be continued. During detour also inspected the progress of road construction of Zhambyl street and overhaul of the access road to the industrial zone, Zhelaevo with a total length of about 3 km. This year we will completed construction works of the city road with total length over 50 km, and will soon begin construction of the roads in m-d. Sarytau and PDP2.