06 June 2019

Military-Patriotic education is the key to successful development of the country


On June 6, 2019, solemn ceremony of signing Memorandum of Cooperation between the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, akimat of West Kazakhstan region and the Republican Public Association "Zhas Sarbaz" was held in akimat of West Kazakhstan region. Within the framework of the cooperation, it is aimed to educate the younger generation high patriotic feelings and readiness to defend their Fatherland.




Military-Patriotic education of youth is one of the main activities of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to military analysts, almost every fourth student of the Military-Patriotic club connects his future with the army. Young people who have been trained and tempered in the walls of Military-Patriotic clubs, and subsequently drafted into the army or enrolled in military schools, have higher skills in mastering the basics of military science and easier to adapt to the conditions of army service. The Memorandum was signed by Minister of defense N. Yermekbayev, akim of West Kazakhstan region A. Kulginov and the Chairman of the Republican Public Association "Zhas Sarbaz» M. Mendygaliev.


The purpose of this document is to support youth initiatives, the further implementation of joint projects, as well as the broad involvement of the younger generation to participate in Military-Patriotic events.


At the end of solemn ceremony of signing Memorandum of Cooperation, akim of WKO was awarded a badge and a certificate of honorary Chairman of the regional coordination Council of the branch of the Republican Public Association "Zhas Sarbaz" in West Kazakhstan region.