01 July 2019

Personnel rearrangements in akimat of WKO

Today akim of WKO Gali Iskaliyev introduced his new deputy Amanzhol Alpysbayev Alihanovich.



In accordance with the principle of meritocracy specified in the "Plan of the Nation – 100 concrete steps", by the order of the akim of West Kazakhstan region in coordination with the presidential administration Alpysbayev Amanzhol Alikhanov appointed new Deputy akim of WKO.


Amanzhol Alpysbayev Alihanovich was born in 1971 and worked in the Ministry of Finance, served as Head of the Department for regulation of natural monopolies in Kostanay region, also served as Director of the Department of AREM in Akmola region and as Deputy Chairman of the Agency for regulation of natural monopolies.


Until new appointment worked in the akimat of Nur -Sultan.


He will be responsible for strategic planning in the field of architecture, urban planning and construction, housing and communal services, as well as tariff policy, PPP development, public procurement, environmental management, protection of flora and fauna.