08 November 2018

General overview


Department of Physical Culture and Sports of West Kazakhstan Region Information on the work done in theFirst half of 2018



In order to implement  instructions of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N.Nazarbayev, to develop a healthy nation through the development of mass sports, to promote a healthy lifestyle in 2017, 2665 sports events were organized in the region with the participation of 136,633 people (in 2016 years -2378 events with the participation of 144477 people, in 2015 years – 2007 events covering 126 007 people). For 6 months of 2018, 1876 sports events were held with the participation of 88695 people.


To date, the total number of people involved in stable physical culture and sports is 175245 people or 27,1% of the population of the region. In comparison with 2016 the number of students increased by 0,4% (in 2016 – 170650 people or 26,7% of the total population of the region).


In the first half of 2018, 102 860 people passed presidential tests in the region, including 51 247 people in winter sports and 51 613people in summer sports.


In the region, the number of sports facilities is 1567 units, including 3 stadiums, 1 Sports Palace, 13 sports complexes, 2 sports arenas, 6 ski bases, 2 rowing bases, 101 shooting ranges, 3 hockey boxes, 984 flat structures, 20 tennis courts, 6 swimming pools, 275 sports halls, 151 built-in sports hall.


In September 2017 at the expense of KPO b.v. the sports and recreation complex in Aksai, Burlin was constructed and put into operation. In December, at the expense of means of the local budget construction is complete and the building of a sports and improving complex on 160 places in Peremetny, Zelenovsky district was put into operation.


At this time, at the expense of KPO b.v. the construction of a sports and recreation complex in the village of Burlin, Burlin district. The complex is planned to be put into operation in november this year.


For 6 months of 2018, at the expense of the local budget in the districts have been opened 20 playgrounds in the Akzhaiyk district – 5 sites, in Bokeiorda district – 1 playground, in Zhangala region – 2 sites, Zhanibek district 1 playground, in Zelenovsk district – 5 sites, in Kaztalov district – 5 sites, in Syrym district - 1 Playground, in Uralsk -5 sites. By the end of 2018, it is planned to build 28 sports grounds in the region, including 5 sports grounds in the regional center – in Uralsk and 23 sites in regional centers and rural districts.


Sport of higher achievements


74 sports are cultivated in West Kazakhstan region, 31 of them are Olympic, 29 non-Olympic, 9 national, 5 technical and disabledathletes sports.


During the first half of 2018, athletes of the region won 348 medals (122 gold, 84 silver, 142 bronze) at the official national and international competitions in sports (Championships of Kazakhstan, Asia, and the World).


In the region there are 23 children and youth sports schools, Olympic reserve training center, regional school of higher sports skills, regional specialized boarding school for gifted children in sports, 11 sports clubs, including 3 professional clubs ("sports club "Akzhaiyk", "Volleyball club "Zhaiyk", "Football club "Akzhaiyk").


In 23 children's and youth sports schools of the region 11 639 people are engaged in which 45 sports are cultivated.


In these child-youthful sports schools there are 515 coaches (2016 – 504).


In order to encourage athletes and coaches to the highest sports achievements on the basis of the resolution of the Akimat of West Kazakhstan region in August 7, 2017, №211 monthly 137 athletes and 43 coaches receive monetary support.