07 November 2018

The Department of Inner policy of the West Kazakhstan region


1.Brief information about function.

State institution "Department of Inner  Policy of the West Kazakhstan region" carries out its activities according to the Constitution and laws of the Republic of  Kazakhstan, acts of the President and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other regulatory legal acts, as well as this Regulation;


2. Reception schedule of individuals and representatives of legal entities by heads and deputy heads of Department of Inner Policy of West Kazakhstan region.   


Full Name


Reception Schedule



Daumov Nurlybek Zhaskairatovich





Kadraliev Darkhan Kanybekovich

Deputy Head of Department




Mametanov Serik Akashovich

Deputy Head of Department




3. list public services in West Kazakhstan region.

1.Public service.

4. Basic function, goal and tasks.

Mission of public institutions «inner policy of West Kazakhstan region»: include an effective implementation of inner policy, directed on strengthening public-political stability, inter-ethnic and interfaith consent in region, as well as way in  formation of social  optimism in residential areas, support and development of  institutions civil society and increasing of competitiveness in informational space of region.



  1. Implementation of state policy to ensure domestic political stability, unity of the people and consolidation of society in region;
  2.  Coordination of the activities of local executive members in implementing key priorities of state policy in social, economic, cultural and socio-political areas of the region;
  3.  Ensuring the implementation of legal acts and instructions of the President and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Head of the region  and local state of the region which matters within the competence of the Government;
  4. Ensure that the main priorities of the Development Strategy of Kazakhstan until 2050, the Strategic Development Plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan to 2020, the annual Address of the President to the people of Kazakhstan, state and sectoral programs and other strategic documents are explained and promoted in the region;
  5.  Coordination of work on development and implementation of regional policy documents in the field of domestic policy;
  6. Development of practical recommendations in organization of work in the region, proposals for the effective implementation of long-term development priorities in Kazakhstan;
  7.  Ensuring the study and analysis of internal political processes in the region and  trends in their development;
  8. Interaction with civil society institution, representatives of the public in the region.




  1. Informational and ideological maintenances of the activities of local executive members  in key areas of domestic policy, including implementation of state policy in the field of education, health, social security and protection of the population, employment, interethnic and interfaith consent, patriotic upbringing and youth policy, Propagation of state symbols, in the language, information, cultural, gender and family-demographic areas;
  2.  Implementation of practical and other activities aimed to ensuring domestic political stability, the unity of the people and the consolidation of society;
  3.  Informational , analytical ,organizational and technical maintenances for major public events in the region;
  4. Organization of information and explanatory work on the activities of local executive bodies in socio-economic, socio-political and other spheres, development of proposals for improving work in this field;
  5. Organization of informational groups  of the republican and regional significance for the explanation and promotion of the annual Presidential Addresses to the people of Kazakhstan and other strategic documents, information and methodological support ;
  6.  Interaction with political parties, non-governmental organizations, ethno-cultural and religious associations, human rights and other public organizations, trade unions, mass media, the scientific and creative community, opinion leaders;
  7.  Maintenance of the activity of consultative-advisory members and working groups operating  by local government of the region in issues within the competence of the management;
  8. Analysis and  prediction of the socio-political situation in the region, including monitoring  activities of political parties, other public associations and organizations, conducting sociological and political studies;
  9.  Maintaining effective implementation of the state information policy in the region, including methodological support and coordination of the activities of the media in the implementation of the state information order.
  10.  Providing an effective implementation of the state social order for the implementation of socially significant projects, including the conduct of competitive procedures and monitoring the progress of projects;
  11.  Participation in the development of conceptual documents, preparation and examination of projects of the region in issues within the competence of the State institution (state body) "Department of Internal Policy of the West Kazakhstan region";
  12.  Interaction with the higher state bodies, Parlament, chamber of Parlament, the head of the region administration, the secretariat of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan in the issues within the competence of the state institution (state body) "Department of Internal Policy of the West Kazakhstan region";
  13.  Formation, accumulation, generalization and classification of the information databases in issues related to the competence of the State institution (state body) "Office of Internal Policy of the West Kazakhstan region";
  14.   Control over the use (establishment, placement) symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  15.  Implementation of other functions provided by the legislation of the Republic Kazakhstan.


5.Address: WEST KAZAKHSTAN REGION, Uralsk, ul.Z.Moldagaliyeva, 19. 090000
6.E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
7.Phone numbers: 50-02-36, 50-09-46
8.Official Internet site: www.uvp-zko.gov.kz